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 I provide a safe, supportive and tranquil space either face to face in my summer house at the bottom of the garden or online, where I bring my authentic, compassionate self as I believe this is the basis of any therapeutic relationship.   Through exploration, gentle challenging and working in collaboration with a a sprinkling of psycho education and laughter at some points,  together we can explore your thoughts, feelings and goals you may want to set.  


I also work with Neuro typical clients, who feel my approach meets their needs.  

Through years of working in this area I have come up with a unique approach of combining Counselling, Coaching and mentoring to a level that suits you, meaning every client gets a unique experience that suits them, how do I know it suits them?  Because they have complete input in this process and I have a toolbox of theories to use. 


Neurodivergence: Understanding the unique perspectives of neurodivergent individuals is my specialty. Together, we'll explore your strengths, challenges, and develop strategies as well as acceptance to thrive in a neurotypical world.  I can also signpost you to services if needed  and psychoeducate so you have a complete and wholesome understanding of yourself that you can truly embrace and love.

Trauma: Life's journey can be rocky, and past traumas can weigh heavily on our minds. I offer a compassionate and trauma-informed approach to help clients process their experiences and build resilience.  I am trained in tri phase model and EMDR, meaning we can use a range of models to support you.  

Adolescents and Adults: Adolescence and adulthood bring their own set of joys and struggles. Whether you're navigating a new diagnosis, trying to work out if you are neurodivergent, old diagnoses that maybe you don’t understand, Identity exploration, relationship issues  or life transitions as well as Anxiety and depression   I'm here to offer a space to work through and be by your side on your therapeutic journey .

Want to know more?   How about booking a free 20 min online, informal chat.   Through this you can get a true sense of me and if you feel I’m the right fit for you.  We will talk about what you want to get from sessions and I can give you more information about how I feel we can work together, which you can have complete input in as well as asking me any questions you may have.  

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