Trust & Confidence

 The most important part of therapy 

 is often the relationships between 

 therapist and client 

what to expect.

It can be daunting approaching someone for help. You may worry that your problem isn't bad enough, that you're wasting my time or that I'll be shocked by and judgmental about what you may disclose. These are quite normal worries. Most people, once they have asked for help or disclosed something they felt they never could, generally wish they had done it much sooner.


The most important part of the therapy is often the relationship between therapist and client and it is important that you feel comfortable and trust your instincts when choosing someone to talk to.  I offer the core conditions in counselling, meaning I will provide a safe, confidential place to explore your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental and accepting environment.

As a couples counsellor, I will give you equal space to tell me your concerns about your relationship.  This will be in a safe envirorment with bounderies set for you to both be heard,  we will work on what you both feel is not working and is working in your relationship.  This will allow you to work on the areas in your relationship you feel need exploring.  

As a member of the BACPs coaching division, I also offer Coaching. This is a more direct and informative approach allowing us, together to find a solution to becoming a more happy and confident person and to reach your goals.  

All sessions last 50 Minutes, In the first session, I will take some notes and explore what you expect from the counselling session and what your aims are.  I will then tell you what I can offer and if you feel that you can work with me as your counsellor.  For me this question is paramount, the sessions are yours and you need to feel comfortable with me as your counsellor and what I can offer.  

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