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Clinical Supervision 

One of the first questions I will ask you is "What do you want to gain from Supervision?"  Working collaboratively, I believe that your thoughts around what you would expect are valued and understood in the room.     My supervision style is informed by my counselling practice, working integrative I have a very congruent, real, transparent and solid way of working, meaning I can help you to reflect on your practice and hold you through any challenging times.  





I have a certificate in "Designated Safeguard Lead" and have previously held this position within a school.  Working with children in schools and in Private practice I am able to update you in the latest Safeguarding and support you working with Children.  

Group supervision can be held in schools once a month to support you staff.

After building a successful Private Practice myself, I can help you to expand you existing practice or start your practice from the ground up.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and we can book a free 20 minute online call to see how you feel about working with me.  


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