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About me.

Hi, My name is Charlotte, I am an experienced BACP (Acred) counsellor working with adolescents (10+) and Adults with Neuro divergent traits or diagnoses as well as trauma clients

Being  Neuro divergent myself (ADHD and Dyslexia), having 3 Neuro divergent children, working with LOTS of Neurodivergant clients, running parenting groups for foster parents, running training courses in this area and last but not least believing knowledge is power!!  


When I was trying to get my firstborn diagnosed I had no support, in fact, he got diagnosed at 14 and I had been asking since he was 3.   The only reason this happened, in the end, is I researched, found support, picked people's brains (My poor SENco that I worked with at the time) and then some more.  Only to then get the diagnosis and feel very alone.  The Dr that diagnosed him asked me to write a book of my experiences, maybe one day when my Son is comfortable with this but until then..................


Roll on to 2020 and 2 of my children get a dyslexia diagnosis (I was diagnosed in 2015), and then in 2022 they were diagnosed with ADHD.  Which then triggered me to realise I have many traits and add myself to the waiting list to be diagnosed. Oh, and the professional that diagnosed my daughter told me "We are two peas in a pod and He wondered if I should get diagnosed" which gave me a big push haha.   

 I have recently taken a qualification in the tri-phased approach of trauma - Why?  I have noticed a lot of clients that are diagnosed neurodivergent can have an underlying trauma.  This model allows me to give you the best trauma therapy to redesign your beliefs while processing your trauma.

      Who do I work with? 

Newly diagnosed 

looking for diagnosis 

parent support 

working with teens with traits or diagnosis 

feel you or your child have traits and want support 

Clients with Trauma 

Self harm



Diploma Supervision 

Level 5 in PTSD and Complex PTSD

CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

CPCAB Level 4 Counselling Children through Play.

CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling.

CPCAB Level 2 Intermediate Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling

Certificate in Counselling Couples

Certificate in Family Therapy

Coaching Clients 

Trauma Training 



Working with Young People and Children with SEN

Safeguarding (DSL)

Understanding the Autism spectrum

Discovering Psychology

Health & Social care



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