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Let us try and work this out together? 

I have experienced and specialise in working with Neurodivergent as well as being neurodivergent myself. 


Is your child struggling, do you feel totally lost, having trouble navigating today's world, and want to get support? 

Do you wonder what that support looks like and what it can do for them? 


Let me tell you what I can offer

(with a promise of not just sitting there and nodding my head)

  • A place where fully engaged teens can thrive 

  • A safe space where they can untangle their web of feelings 

  • Non-judgemental 

  • Laughter and tears are all acceptable 

  • Gentle challenges on how we can change behaviors 

  • A unique blend of counselling and mentoring, bringing focus and direction 

  • Someone that thinks outside the box to come up with ways to support them 

  • A box of fidget toys (you will be surprised at how important this is) 

  • Arts and crafts for expression 

  • I also offer support in getting a neurodivergent diagnosis for your teen.

If that spiked your interest and you feel I can support them, then book a free 20 min online chat and your child/teen can see if I am the right person to support them.  You're more than welcome to stay with them for this chat and I will answer your concerns and questions too.  


I hold an enhanced DBS and follow the Child Protection Regulations.  I have a DSL certificate (Designated Safeguard Lead) 


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