Due to COVID-19 I have put some safety measures in place, to resume face to face counseling from the 11th July 2020.  I must stress that I would encourage anyone that has to travel on public transport, has any underlying medical conditions, lives with someone that has underlying medical conditions, is shielding, lives with someone shielding or just doesn’t feel comfortable with face to face counselling to remain on zoom or telephone.    This will limit the risk of cross contamination. 


I will continue to look at the risk daily and follow Government/ BACP guidelines.   At present (as of the 28/12/20) I am only seeing two face 2 face clients a day to keep the risk of contamination low and allow the air to circulate between sessions.  This does mean that my work place is colder then normal.   


On entering my house I will supply you with hand gel, my doorbell will be wiped over after every client and I ask you to refrain from touching any door handles.   I will open and close all doors.


There will be NO toilet facilities available


Hand gel and single pack tissues are available in the therapy room.  Please take a whole pack of tissues if needed, these are yours to keep.  You can use the bin; I will replace the bag after every client.


I ask you to bring your own drink.


I will spray the seating area with anti bacteria spray between sessions.


To remain with a 2-meter distance, I will ask you to sit on the left hand side of the sofa.    Couples Counselling, I will move my chair back for your comfort.


If you have any COVID symptoms, are generally feeling unwell or you have been in contact with someone that has COVID symptoms please contact me and we can do a zoom/phone session instead.  I will give you the same courtesy.


Please be aware that I do work in a school two days a week although a 2 meter distance is kept in place as much as humanly possible, I feel its only fair to inform you of this as it may influence your decision. 



These measures have been put in place for yours and my safety, I have the right to make changes at any time and share these details with you.   If any client has a positive COVID test, I will inform you as soon as possible and close the therapy room for two weeks.  Reverting back to zoom/telephone sessions.  Please note, all clients details will be kept confidential. 


Although I put these safety measures in place, it is impossible to eliminate all risk.  Please understand there is still a risk of germs being past from person to person, this includes COVID-19


Please feel free to discuss any worries, concerns or queries with me.